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School Projects


Guided Tour of Museum "Life When Grandma was a Child"

Map of Museum


Suitable Years 1-4 Tour takes approximately 20 minutes

Tour can be self guided or with museum staff

If you require a staff guide please let us know when booking

Teacher Resources:

(All activity & answer pages are welcome to be copied by teachers for use in class projects)

Information for Treasure Hunts/Discovery Tours

Page1            Page 2           Page 3

Echuca Timeline
Borough of Echuca KWL Chart T-Chart Timeline Echuca River Trade

Guide Yourself Tour

See printed information this tour Year 5-6 section

Archival Information

Our extensive collection of Local History information is available to teachers and student by request.    View List

To receive or have access to this information please contact us on 03 54801325 or email - attention school resources


Art / Coloring In

Activity 1    - Birds  --- (Answers )

Activity 2    - Flags 1      - Flags 2 --- (Answers )

Activity 3     -Boats -1   --- (Answers)


Prep- Yr 1

Treasure Hunt

Activity Sheet --- (Answers)


Activity Sheets --- (Answers)

Years 1-2

Draw What Grandma Used

Activity Sheet ---- (Answers)

What are These Used For ?

Activity Sheet ---- (Answers)

What is This ?

Activity Sheet ---- (Answers)

Word Search

Activity Sheet ---- (Answers)

Match Old with New

Activity Sheet - Communication ---- (Answers)

Activity Sheet - Household ---- (Answers)

Activity Sheet - Transport ---- (Answers)


Years 3- 4

Outdoor Discovery Trail

Activity Sheet --- (Answers)

Treasure Hunt (Indoor)

Activity Sheets

Answers -Page 1& 2

Answers - Page 3

Treasure Hunt (Outdoor)

Activity Sheet --- (Answers)

Match the Old with the New

Activity Sheet  - Household/Communication/Transport


Word Search

Activity Sheet --- (Answers)

Years 5- 6

Archival Information - notes

Guide Yourself Tour of Museum - also refer below


Year 9

The role of individuals in founding towns:

a study of Hopwood and Echuca for Year 9 students.

Aspects of this may also be relevant for Primary Level 5.

see article:   Author: Millar, Diana

Source: Agora, Vol. 48, No. 2, Apr 2013: 62-67

Document Type: Journal Article;dn=422598344150852;res=IELHSS  ISSN: 0044-6726


Join us walking in the footsteps of ex-convict and town founder

Henry Hopwood!

Stand on the very sites where it all began, as we bring 19th century colonial Echuca to colourful life!

Tour commentaries customised to your class study themes where possible.

Dates to suit you - contact us now!

Contact: Gwen Potter -Tour Guide

Phone: (03) 5482 4932 / 0456 223 184


My School would like to visit

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Entry for Children is only $2 per person, with teachers and support staff free.
Call us on 0354801325 between 11am and 3pm or or email for further information.
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Introducing our Echuca Junior History Group

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